Awareness Kit

Kuder System Awareness Kit

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Welcome! By spending just a little time on efforts to “market” your system to staff, students, parents, adult learners, and other users, you’ll help ensure participation by keeping education planning and career development top-of-mind all year long. So we’ve put together this kit with guidelines, suggestions, strategies and tactics, and plug-and-play (self-serve), content-filled templates for you.

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What's in the Kit?

Download and read the kit overview first for an introduction, strategies and tactics, tips for designing a communications plan and samples, and available resources.

Then, check out the additional resources below.

Kuder Logo Set

Brand Guidelines

Here are some easy guidelines to the Kuder brand, including logo usage, colors, product and services terminology, and more.

Download and follow our brand guidelines. They will help you when promoting your Kuder-powered system, whether within your organization or via public-facing communications. These guidelines apply to clients, affiliates, and third-party organizations that partner with Kuder in the creation, facilitation, and management of collateral materials bearing the Kuder name, brand, and/or references to Kuder products and services.

Kuder Logo Color
Kuder Logo White
Kuder Logo Black
Powered by Kuder Logo Color
Powered by Kuder Logo White
Powered by Kuder Logo Black
Kuder Galaxy Logo
Kuder Galaxy Logo Stacked
Kuder Galaxy Logo Icon
Kuder Navigator Logo
Kuder Navigator Logo Stacked
Kuder Navigator Logo Icon
Kuder Journey Logo
Kuder Journey Logo Stacked
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Fliers, Posters & Videos

Promotional Materials

Now that you are ready to promote your Kuder system, we’ve got the materials you need to get the word out.

Download and use this word document for guidance and to access a variety of templates and content that you can tailor for your specific information and needs, including:

  • Press Release/News
  • Letters
  • Social Media
  • Announcements
  • Videos

Galaxy Resources

Kuder Galaxy Flier
Kuder Galaxy Top Reasons Flier
Kuder Galaxy Poster 18x24
Holland Work Environments Poster 16x20
Kuder Galaxy Promotional Video
Navigator Resources

Kuder Navigator Flier
Kuder Navigator Top Reasons Flier
Kuder Navigator College Access Tools & Pathways Link Flier
Kuder Navigator Parent Flier
Kuder Navigator Grad Plan How To Guide
Kuder Navigator Poster 11 x 14
Kuder Navigator Poster 16 x 20
Kuder Navigator Promotional Video
Journey Resources

Kuder Journey Flier
Kuder Journey Top Reasons Flier
Kuder Journey Poster 11 x 14
Kuder Journey Poster 16 x 20
Kuder Journey Promotional Video
Other Resources

Kuder Assessments Flier
Kuder Administrator Database Management System Flier
Kuder Local Needs Assessment Flier
Kuder Career Advisor Training Flier
Kuder Professional Development Top Reasons Flier