Essential workers have always played an important role, but current times call for extra appreciation of their hard work and dedication. To help your kids learn more about these essential careers, check out these 15 fun and educational books about the heroes all around you!

A Hero Lives in My Family: A Story for Kids of First Responders

A Hero Lives in My Family: A Story for Kids of First RespondersFor Ages 2-8

Kids will get to know some of the heroes they see in their very own household and discover how their parents help to serve and protect the whole community. This book will help your child to understand more about the importance of helping others and the different emotions that they may feel as a son or daughter of a first responder.

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I Want to Be a Doctor

I Want to Be a Doctor bookFor Ages 4-8

Does your child dream of becoming a doctor when they grow up? In the story, readers will follow one character who gets to meet all kinds of different doctors after injuring his foot. It’s a perfect way for kids to explore the profession in a fun and engaging way.

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I’m a Mail Carrier

I'm a Mail Carrier bookMail carrier Rita takes readers through her daily duties as she delivers mail and important packages all around town. No matter what the weather, it’s critical for Rita to make sure that everyone receives their mail on time. This book is ideal for young children in preschool or kindergarten, and is a great way to show them one of the many valued essential workers in their lives.

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Before We Eat: From Farm to Table

Before We Eat book

We all enjoy the delicious foods we eat during meals or in between as tasty snacks, and this book helps to tell the full story about where all of those amazing foods come from, and who is responsible for producing them.

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Police: Hurrying! Helping! Saving!

Police: Hurrying! Helping! Saving!For Ages 3-6

Children can learn more about how the police protect us by reading through this informative book featuring brightly colored images to keep them actively engaged throughout all of the calls the officers respond to in their workday.

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Breaking Cat News: Cats Reporting on the News that Matters to Cats

Breaking Cat NewsFor Ages 9-12

This silly story features the profession of newscasters and news anchors in a light and funny way by telling it from the perspective of a few fluffy cats. Their wild headlines will certainly capture your young reader’s attention to get them interested in this media-driven career.

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My Mommy is a Nurse

My Mommy is a NurseAre you a nurse or healthcare worker? This book is a perfect way to show your child more about what you do everyday while at work. It can be difficult for kids to realize why their parents are away from home so often, but My Mommy is a Nurse will give them a glimpse into the incredible work you do to help heal others.

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Big Joe’s Trailer Truck

Big Joe's Trailer TruckFor Ages 3-7

Are your kids curious about where all of their things come from? They may think it comes from the store, but this book will show them the entire process and how truck drivers are crucial to getting us the food and supplies we need each day.

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Momma’s Boots

Momma's BootsThis book celebrates the many heroes we have fighting for us in all military branches, and helps to answer some of the most common questions that children with mothers in the military often have such as where their mom goes after putting on her combat boots, and if other mothers have special boots for their job too.

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National Geographic Readers: Helpers in Your Neighborhood

Helpers in Your NeighborhoodFor Ages 2-5

Introduce your children to all of the heroes around them by sitting down to read Helpers in Your Neighborhood together. With a vocabulary tree at the start of the book, kids begin to build connections between the words they read throughout this text, and then have the opportunity to complete a wrap-up activity at the end.

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Grandma Drove the Garbage Truck

Grandma Drove the Garbage TruckFor Ages 4-6

A funny and highly engaging read, your kids will love Grandma Drove the Garbage Truck. While laughing at the character’s crazy adventures, readers will also learn about the vital needs that sanitation workers fulfill during their long workday.

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Whose Hands Are These? A Community Helper Guessing Book

Whose Hands Are TheseFor Ages 4-9

Keep your child’s full attention as they put together important clues while reading through this book that highlights many of the heroes and helpers that all communities rely on.

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Work, Dogs, Work: A Highway Tail

Work-Dogs-Work-A-Highway-TailFor Ages 4-8

Kids can follow these playful pups through their day as they work to build a new brand new road. In the book, readers will learn about the unique roles included on a construction crew while developing their reading and speech abilities.

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Ada Twist, Scientist

Ada Twist, ScientistScientists are crucial for moving all of us forward in the world and developing innovative solutions to daily issues. Kids who are natural problem-solvers are sure to love this bestselling story on STEM careers.

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Richard Scarry’s What Do People Do All Day?

What Do People Do All Day?Many parents probably remember reading this classic themselves as children, and it’s a great story to pass on to your own kids to give them a sense of the large variety of jobs within one community that come together to keep it running smoothly.

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This list highlights several important careers that kids can enjoy learning more about, but we know that there are still many other jobs out there that provide essential services to their communities. Have a favorite book on local heroes that you and your kids love to read? Share it with us!

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