It’s Career Development Month! Here are seven ways to celebrate by nurturing your own professional growth:

  1. Expand your network. Join local professional organizations to develop relationships for personal and professional growth as well as for references and insight on education, training, and job leads.
  2. Be a mentor and a mentee. Make an effort to pass along your wisdom and life lessons to others. But how about finding a mentor of your own? A mentor can drive your career forward. Challenge yourself to both receive and deliver career advice to others.
  3. Prioritize professional development. Seek out PD opportunities to increase your subject matter knowledge and sharpen your skills. Would a certification or degree put you in a better position to advance in your career?
  4. Do your homework. Read blogs, magazines, and trade publications relevant to your field to improve your knowledge and stay current on best practices and trends.
  5. Check your social media presence. What does your online persona share with the world? Does your LinkedIn profile need an update? Run a social media audit on yourself. Are you making a good impression, or a bad one?
  6. Evaluate your personal brand. Do you have an elevator speech prepared for your next job interview? A good place to start is by writing yourself a mission statement or manifesto.
  7. Volunteer. If you feel like you’re “missing something” even in a satisfactory occupation, find opportunities to make a difference in your community. Volunteering gives you the chance to add to your skill set and and gain experience.