An internship provides valuable experience. It helps people gain a better understanding of their likes, dislikes, and wants for the future. It also gives them valuable hands-on experience and allows them to apply what they’ve learned in school to a certain career field.

When I began my internship at Kuder,I had no idea what to expect, considering this was the first I’d ever done. Yet, as I started this journey, I learned to love every aspect of it.

I’ve learned so much and will forever be grateful for the experience. By assisting with a variety of tasks, I’ve been able to narrow down my career choice. I learned I may not want to pursue a career in marketing, but I do want to go into a career where I use the administrative and organizational skills I’ve developed at Kuder. I’ve enjoyed every project, but some of my favorites were the ones that were hands-on such as assembling cards and packages, and using design programs. I like immediate-response projects, and know now that I have the ability to complete them effectively and efficiently.

There are so many things I’ll be able to tell future employers that I’ve done or learned because of this internship, which is one of the main reasons I think students should participate in as many internships as possible before they graduate college and start looking for a job. Employers look to hire people who have prior experience in order to alleviate training on basic office tasks such as how to work as a team, be responsible, properly communicate with others, and how to use basic computer programs.

What I’ve learned about my career interests, strengths, and weaknesses during this internship has matched up almost exactly with my Kuder assessment results! The Kuder Skills Confidence Assessment®  and Kuder Career Interests Assessment®  both suggested I consider a career in marketing management. They also suggested travel and tourism, which intrigued me the most because I could use my organizational, administrative, and leadership skills to help others plan for trips. Now, I hope to gain more experience in different fields, conduct more research, and take classes in order to decide on a college major.

If I hadn’t had this internship experience, I wouldn’t have learned what I love to do, what I don’t like to do, and what I can envision myself doing for the rest of my life.