Think about the last time you participated in a professional development activity. What words come to mind? Perhaps “thought-provoking, “enlightening,” or possibly even “valuable”?

Other things that might come to mind are the sacrifices you made in exchange for these outcomes. Most types of professional development come at a cost, and not just monetary. Time must be invested, and travel is often involved.

But professional development doesn’t always mean spending your entire weekend in a classroom. There are many types of online professional development options available, and there are advantages to this format.

  1. You can participate on your schedule. With online professional development options such as Kuder Career Advisor Training®, you can complete each week at your own pace as long as you meet the weekly milestones and assignment due dates. This ensures that you won’t fall behind if your schedule changes from week to week, allowing you to work when you have the time available.
  2. Class can be completed from anywhere. Whether it’s a coffee shop, your dining room table, or break room at the office, all you need is an Internet connection to continue your education. If you travel often, or can’t commit the same time blocks per day to your coursework, having the flexibility to work from wherever you are is key.
  3. You still get one-on-one attention. Depending on the professional development course, you can get just as much instructor attention as you would in a brick-and-mortar classroom. Plus, you’re not restricted to their “office hours.” For example, courses like Kuder Career Advisor Training®: Advanced™ give you the opportunity to email the instructor 24/7 with a response typically arriving the next business day.

Kuder is proud to offer a variety of online professional development options. Kuder Career Advisor Training®: Essentials™, our 10-hour course for those new to career advising, is available year-round. If you’re looking to take your skills to the next level, our 30-hour Advanced™ course can be completed completely online, but offers all the benefits of a traditional classroom experience with an open discussion forum with your peers and easy access to a GCDF-certified instructor.

We have many courses beginning in early 2015. Click here to see a complete listing and register for Kuder Career Advisor Training.