Carrot Global Inc. (CGI) launched a new version of Atlas in Korean at the end of 2020. Taking advantage of API services, the Korean system calls for and downloads the assessment results directly from Kuder’s server and produces reports to meet market requirements.

The development of the Korean system was triggered by emerging needs to accommodate the changing senior high school system – the current two-track curriculum is changing to a multitrack curriculum, and career guidance assessments and counseling for first-year high-school students are gaining critical importance – and, the “Life Design” policy. The latter is the Korean government’s mandate for medium and large corporates to provide career guidance to retirees in advance so that they would be ready for their post-retirement career plan.


The Korean Atlas system offers multi-language features. It is currently available in Korean and English – featured in both survey items and reports. Furthermore, a brilliant addition to the Korean version is that it provides access to both O*Net and the standard Korean occupational database, thus allowing users to compare their career choices with the globally renowned occupational database, O*Net. Adoption of local preferences to the design of the assessments and reports is an added plus – it provides a more intuitive interface and improved software experience for users in the Korean market.

Atlas 2.0 System View

Atlas 2.0 System View 2

Simon D Lee, the director of CGI’s Career Center, claims that it is only a beginning. He goes on to say that, “The Korean version is designed for multilingual services and it means we can implement additional languages (and the local occupational database), be it Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, etc. Kuder career guidance system provides foundations to the youth and young adults to discover their truths, explore their potential and fulfill their dreams”.

This article was written by Carrot Global Career Center, Seoul, Korea.