Launch students into a universe of possibilities.

The new Kuder Galaxy® is an online career awareness system for all students in grades pre-K through five that makes learning about the world of work fun by igniting the playful spirit of young learners through a series of engaging games, activities, and experiences.

Galaxy offers access on laptops, desktops, and tablets. Designed for usability, Galaxy boasts a blend of video, text, and audio narration (in English or Spanish) for young learners.

Galaxy provides educators with flexible administrative tools to map content (activities and games) and/or “I” statements (learning targets, “I can” statements) to additional standards or frameworks such as social-emotional learning (SEL), The Leader in Me®, and state or local counseling standards. The “I” statements also support building student portfolios.

It’s rooted in career theory.

The system is centered on the Holland theory of vocational choice, setting the stage for exploration with space stations from which students launch into Planets (each representing a Holland work environment: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional).

Galaxy’s grade-specific content is delivered in the form of interactive games and activities within each planet, with the following themes:

Galaxy was recently redeveloped by a team led by Kuder Chief Product Officer Rich Gates. Gates worked closely with subject matter experts including Dr. Julie Cerrito, assistant professor of counseling and human services at the University of Scranton, Dr. JoAnn Harris-Bowlsbey, executive director of product development for Kuder, Dr. Amy Gates, assistant professor of English at Missouri Southern State University, and Dr. Spencer Niles, who serves as senior vice president of career planning and development for Kuder, and professor of education for the College of William and Mary, to create career awareness and exploration tools specifically for students in grades pre-K through five.

It supports all early career development stakeholders.

“Galaxy is student-focused, but we put equal thought into its other users: educators, counselors, and parents,” said Gates. “We drew input from field experts to build mechanisms of accountability in career awareness education and provide the tools needed to address reporting, auditing, and other accountability factors.”

Gates also noted that guides are available to walk parents though learning career development concepts and objectives at each grade level.

“Child imagination and career exploration come together in the new Kuder Galaxy to provide an educational and entertaining experience for elementary school students,” said Dr. Cerrito. “We want children to enjoy using the system but we also want them to gain appropriate awareness about themselves and the world of work as they become future-ready.”

“We’re thrilled that, along with Kuder Navigator® for secondary students, and Kuder Journey® for postsecondary students and adults, Galaxy completes Kuder’s platform of lifelong learning and career development by offering pre-K through elementary students the ability to dream big,” said Kuder President & CEO Phil Harrington.