We’re excited to announce that we’ve started to move clients to our new, improved Kuder Journey® platform.

Our research and product development teams drew on feedback from system users to update our online college planning system for adults and postsecondary students.

“We kept the best of Journey’s original features while expanding its capabilities,” said Susie Gates, director of software development for Kuder.

Ed Tach Award Logo

It’s an award-winning platform.

“We’re thrilled that the Kuder Career Planning System® [of which Journey is a component] just received the 2018 EdTech Cool Tool Award,” said Bethney Ahrendsen, executive vice president of communications for Kuder. The EdTech Cool Tool Award celebrates “who’s who and what’s next” in edtech.

“We continually strive to better serve our clients, so it’s great to be acknowledged for our innovation and effectiveness in edtech,” said Ahrendsen.

What can users expect?

The new Journey features:

Journey users will still find familiar core content, including:

For more information about Journey, contact info@kuder.com.