Our recent webinar provided an in-depth look at the latest initiatives and trends in student career readiness. Here’s a look into what our industry experts are seeing through research, from our partners, and national leaders. Plus, a look into what’s to come for Kuder Navigator® to meet the evolving trends.

Top Four Initiatives

  1. Increasing Student Engagement in Career Readiness
  2. Streamlining Postsecondary Preparation
  3. Elevating Work-Based Learning for All Stakeholders
  4. Embracing Data-Driven Decision-Making

1. Increasing Student Engagement in Career Readiness

To meet these industry trends, Kuder is excited to introduce an updated Kuder Navigator student experience coming in July of 2024! The new student experience will feature a refreshed design, simplified navigation, and additional callouts to guide students.

2. Streamlining Postsecondary Preparation

Kuder is providing several updates for the 2024-25 school year to support the evolving needs of supporting students in their postsecondary journey. Updates include:

3. Elevating Work-Based Learning

To meet the evolving state definitions and requirements for work-based learning, Kuder has expanded its’ work-based learning solutions available within Kuder Navigator. Key updates that are available include:

4. Trends in Data-Driven Decision-Making

To support data-driven decisions for state leaders, school districts, and individual educators, Kuder has created the highly customizable Kuder Navigator admin experience. This solution provides the following:

This webinar highlighted exciting advancements and strategic initiatives aimed at fostering student success in career readiness. Contact our team for further information or to get started utilizing Kuder solutions!