Carrot Global’s Simon Lee (Executive Director, Global Competency R&D and Global Business), and Kuder’s Mark Shin (Director, Business Development for Asia) and Joyce Tham (International Business Manager for Asia) were the guest speakers for the Association of Placement Practitioners of Colleges and Universities’ third Webinar entitled: APPCU Responds to Realities in the Now: Reset, Reflect, Retool. This event was held on October 30, 2020 with around 250 attendees via Zoom and Facebook Live

The majority of those who attended were guidance counselors, guidance heads/coordinators, teachers, placement heads/coordinators/officers, student affairs practitioners, psychometricians and students from the Philippines.


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The Association of Placement Practitioners of Colleges and Universities (APPCU) aims to be the leading professional organization in the Philippines in equipping placement officers in the academic setting with information and competencies, as well as in providing them avenues through which they can create meaningful linkages with their target markets (industries, government agencies, social development sector, and academe). The APPCU vision is the seamless transition of Filipino graduates to the world of work through program development, the establishment of effective linkages, and collaboration with the four employment sectors.

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The presentation highlighted the challenges accelerated by the COVID 19 pandemic, learning job-specific technical skills, key competencies needed by career counselors, and essential digital career platforms (such as Kuder). Mr. Lee shared about the features of Kuder’s solutions and how they can be utilized during career coaching sessions. Moreover, Mr. Shin shared updates regarding career development practices worldwide. Finally, Ms.Tham discussed how the Singapore government implemented a career development system (MySkillsFuture Portal) for all its citizens in various career stages.

Based on feedback, participants appreciated the knowledge shared. It was a great benchmarking session for best practices in Singapore, Korea, and the United States. Moreover, the webinar uncovered many new realizations on how to improve career development programs to be able to adapt to the new normal.

This article was written by Carrot Global.