The International Business Times recently highlighted new concerns and important steps to take for the already overwhelmed education system in America. Among the multiple experts interviewed to weigh in on this topic was Kuder’s Senior Vice President of Career Planning and Development, Dr. Spencer Niles.

The article, “Pandemic Exacerbates Longstanding Counseling Crisis,” takes a detailed look into the crucial role that school counselors play in the lives of thousands of students each year as those students begin planning for their future after high school. For many years, counselors have struggled to meet these needs with too little time or resources to provide for every student.

These issues have grown exponentially in the last two years. Distance learning disruptions led to disengagement and learning loss among students, particularly those in low-income situations who were left without proper access to technology in their homes.

As a solution to these complex educational inequities, Dr. Niles stressed the importance of preserving hope in schools today and the critical role that career guidance plays in building hope in students. He explained, “Hope is an essential motivator for all students, especially those who leave school early, as they fight through obstacles and challenges that would otherwise discourage them from pursuing their dreams.”

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