Kuder is thrilled to announce a new four-part podcast series with Inspire Success! Inspire Success is home to initiatives that transform schools and inspire those who help students succeed. Their Encouraging Words for School Counselors podcast is a wonderful resource for school leaders, counselors, teachers and parents.

This week’s Encouraging Words podcast features Kuder’s very own Elizabeth Moore from Birmingham, Alabama. Elizabeth frequently leads training sessions for school counselors, career coaches, classroom teachers, college advisors, and adult education professionals on the Kuder Career Planning System.

The theme of this first episode centers around career assessments, family dynamics, and the important role that parents play in their child’s career development journey.  Sometimes parents tend to unintentionally live vicariously through their children by expressing their own dreams and aspirations they have envisioned for their child. They may need a gentle reminder, that a child needs to express their own identity and leave their unique imprint on the world. Kuder empowers parents to guide their children to do just that. In this Inspire podcast, Elizabeth describes her own personal experience in this situation, leaving us with the maxim – sometimes it requires other listeners to approach their own students from a different perspective to hear what their children are really saying. That simple truth strengthened the bonds between a student and her mother.

Listen to the full episode.

Hosted by Inspire Success’ Executive Director Matt Fleck, the podcast features hopeful short anecdotes that are bound to raise your spirits as well as practical tips from school counselors.

We can all use a bit of positivity and optimism in our day, so why not add this encouraging podcast to your weekly repertoire? Tune in each week to listen to our relatable and heartwarming stories, as well as receive empirical advice from our passionate school counselors.