Kuder makes it easier for high schools and school districts to assess the outcomes of their college and career readiness programs and initiatives through our new partnership with the National Student Clearinghouse.

We’re integrating the Clearinghouse’s StudentTracker® in Kuder Navigator®, our all-in-one online education and career planning system that helps students visualize their futures and make the plans to get there.

With StudentTracker, high schools and districts will access reports through Navigator that show their graduates’ enrollment in postsecondary institutions nationwide. The reports will also reveal how many graduates persist and graduate, how long it takes them to complete their degrees, whether or not they remain in-state, which type of school they attend, and which institutions they most commonly attend.

“The partnership allows us to expand our ability to serve district leaders, principals, and other administrators to monitor their alumni’s enrollment, persistence, and graduation rates and address their career and college readiness goals,” said Pepe Carreras, vice president of education solutions for the National Student Clearinghouse. “Furthermore, educators can also use the data to evaluate changes they made to their K-12 programming – and determine if those changes boost college enrollment and persistence. I strongly suggest that K-12 districts and schools work with Kuder and the Clearinghouse to obtain verifiable and actionable data for results that matter to students, families and school administrators.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with the National Student Clearinghouse,” said Kuder President Erin Milroy. “Having StudentTracker in the Navigator roadmap is a game changer. Our clients will be empowered with accurate data they can use to measure the success of their academic programs. Ultimately, these insights will provide a window into students’ journeys and ensure that school programs are setting them up for success.”

If you’d like to learn more about Navigator or StudentTracker, please contact info@kuder.com.

About the National Student Clearinghouse:

The National Student Clearinghouse, a nonprofit formed in 1993, is the trusted source for and leading provider of higher education verifications and electronic education record exchanges. Besides working with nearly 3,600 postsecondary institutions, the Clearinghouse also provides thousands of high schools and districts with continuing collegiate enrollment, progression, and completion statistics on their alumni. For more details, visit studentclearinghouse.org.