I fell in love with the Indiana Career Explorer (ICE) [powered by Kuder®] while working as a school counselor having experience using the tool with secondary, postsecondary and adult education students.

In December of 2014, I began serving as the state field trainer, advising educators at all levels on the best use of ICE for career exploration and development.

Lifetime Access to Indiana Students

If you are not already familiar with ICE, it offers free, lifetime access to [Indiana] students!

Core components of the system are: research-based career assessments, multiple ways to explore occupations, postsecondary training and education options, tools to create cover letters, resumes, a shareable e-Portfolio and numerous job search tools, including how to find job openings.

ICE is a powerful tool that is relevant during every stage of one’s educational endeavors and through career transitions.

A Multi-Agency Partnership

ICE is part of a multi-agency partnership between the Indiana Department of Education, the Commission for Higher Education/Learn More Indiana, Ivy Tech Community College, and the Department of Workforce Development.

With so much support in our state for the Indiana Career Explorer system, it’s no wonder that we have seen such tremendous growth in its use.

From December 2014 to December 2015, the number of users of the ICE system has grown from 359,029 to over 500,000 statewide.

A big component of the trainings is how to make group registration quick and easy, suggestions for group and individual guidance of assessment results, and the variety of ways to explore career options based on a student’s interests, skills and values.

My favorite tool to share this last year has been the “Personal To Do List,” which helps guide students through the recommended use of the system based on their adult user type. Using this tool can make the system even more flexible and self-paced.

Personal To Do List

The “Personal To Do List” is similar to a mini lesson plan and it makes the system a snap to navigate. Best of all, it’s based on national career development standards. Speaking of lesson plans, those are also available in ICE! You can use them straight from the system or adapt them to meet your classroom needs.

Other tools and resources of the ICE system I cover with training participants are: how to guide students to explore their assessment results in a way that makes sense for them, how to explore occupations using skills from previous jobs, side by side comparisons of up to three of their favorite occupations or favorite postsecondary education and training options, how to find internships and apprenticeships, learning about and searching for financial aid, extensive job interview preparation resources and so much more.

Links to State Resources

Additionally, the system links to state resources like the Hoosier Hot 50, Indiana Career Connect, and others.

Most of my training participants were not aware of this breadth of resources and tools at their fingertips! Indiana Career Explorer can help prepare your students for their next step outside of your classroom, whether that step is employment, WorkINdiana or other postsecondary training or education.

Best of all, once your students make a free account, it is theirs for life and they can use it for any career or educational transition.

I love giving my students tools that will last beyond my time with them and ICE is one of those tools!

Training and General Inquiries

For information about face-to-face or virtual training, please email pouchm@kuder.com.

For general inquiries or help using the ICE system, please contact the Kuder client engagement team at 877-999-6227, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.- 6 p.m. (CT) or email them at clientengagement@kuder.com.

This article originally appeared in the April 2016 issue of the WorkINdiana Newsletter. Reprinted with kind permission from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.