Family Business Magazine has named Kuder, Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Phil Harrington a “CEO to Watch” in its November issue, which recognizes 28 American family business chief executives leading their businesses with a view toward long-term success.

“We’re a mission-driven organization,” said Harrington. “As a family business, our core values serve as a framework for how we operate. We’re committed to cultivating a flourishing workplace culture for all of our employees, and we look forward to making an impact for generations to come.”

Harrington’s son Connor, vice president of business intelligence for Kuder, shared with Family Business Magazine that the company is focusing on the future by “launching new products and seeking to radically grow the business.”

A shared commitment to continuing the Kuder legacy.

“It’s an honor to be included in this list,” said Harrington. “When I founded Kuder, I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and build a legacy not simply for my family, but for all career development stakeholders. The entire Kuder team, along with our valued clients and partners, have helped make Kuder what it is today – an organization that inspires people of all ages to discover and achieve what they want to be.”

Harrington’s daughter Erin Milroy, who became president of Kuder earlier this year, said, “I’m grateful to my father for changing the way career guidance is delivered. I’m excited about the future – and I’m committed to working with him to continue the Kuder legacy and drive innovation and creativity to bring value to our clients.”