Vision Connect is the brainchild of Scottish entrepreneur, Andrew Todd, and his business partner and long-time friend, Pier He. With a collective transnational education-focused work experience spanning more than 5 decades, the duo set out in 2018 to further their legacy of helping non-native English speakers achieve their global education and career aspirations.

Kuder partnered with Vision Connect to leverage its founders’ expertise and connections in the international education market in China to introduce Kuder’s award-winning Navigator solution and the rest of the Kuder Career Planning System® (KCPS) to schools, organizations, and individuals. Vision Connect, fully supported by Kuder’s global team of experts, now offers its partner schools the most comprehensive career planning solution in China that includes: the Kuder Career Planning System® (KCPS), Direct Your Future™ (Navigator’s companion Career Planning Curriculum), academic support, professional development for career advisors, implementation support, and marketing and branding support to allow for easy implementation across different regions regardless of school size or HR constraints.

Entering the third year of this collaboration, Vision Connect has already helped more than 50 international schools in China develop and deliver schoolwide career planning programs that are designed to help Chinese students achieve their goals as articulated by Kuder – dream big and plan accordingly. More than 20,000 students across China have already benefitted from the support and guidance provided.

To further the professional development of college and career counselors and advisors, Vision Connect has delivered Kuder’s Career Advisors Training: Advanced™ Face to Face program in China since early 2019. More than 500 teachers, counselors, and education administrators have already participated in this 30-hour intensive training in career advising and have become certified Career Advisors by the International Association of Career Advisors (IACA).

This article was written by Vision Connect.