We’re excited to share a testimonial we received about Kuder Galaxy® — our online career awareness system for students in grades pre-K through five.

Brenda Steed, a media specialist and former school counselor with Dale County Schools in Alabama, recently shared her experience with a member of the Kuder communications team. We’re always happy to receive positive product reviews, but Brenda’s story is so much more meaningful than a typical product review.

Her story exemplifies that early career awareness is gaining momentum. And career awareness shouldn’t be postponed until middle school and high school. More and more elementary schools prioritizing early career awareness. It’s all about getting young learners excited about the world of work, and we’re glad to see that happening.

alabama kuder galaxy users

elementary kuder galaxy users

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Why is elementary school a good time to start having conversations with students about careers?

So many students are not aware of the wide variety of career opportunities. The Galaxy program exposes the students to several career clusters so that they can begin thinking about what jobs are available in their future.

The students were so excited about talking about future careers. They loved the videos and the games that showcased the different career clusters. They walked into the classroom on ‘Galaxy day’ and said, “Yay! We get to explore our future today!”

What are some of the questions elementary students ask about careers?

Galaxy is a useful resource to spark the interest of students at a young age regarding what career options would be in their future. We discussed school, college, and of course their favorite subject … money!

The best part about Galaxy, for me, was that it provided the platform for students to begin thinking and talking about their future. It is never too early to begin exploring their college and career options!

What’s a good way to inform parents about students’ career exploration activities? 

I sent this handout to parents:

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Every child has talked about what they might want to be when they grow up. They
have dreamed about being a professional in a career that is in the far off future.

Discussing future career opportunities is important even at the elementary level so
that young people can have long-term goals, even if they change over time. For all
intents and purposes, being a student is your child’s current career. It is valuable
for students to understand the importance of being a “professional student” and
identify the link between the habits needed in the world of work to the habits
students need to display at school.

During your child’s computer time this week, we will be discussing career awareness
through a new online program called Kuder Galaxy. The Galaxy program is an online
career awareness system for students in Kindergarten through fifth grade that makes
learning about the world of work fun by igniting the playful spirit of young learners
through a series of engaging games,activities, and experiences.

This week would also be a great time for you to talk to your child about what they
might want to be when they grow up, why they have chosen that career, and what
character traits they show at school that they would have to show in that job as well.

Thank you for being part of your child’s education, dreams, and goals.

Why did your school choose Galaxy?

Before Galaxy, we did not have any career exploration software available for the elementary-level students. Galaxy not only provided a program for the students to be exposed to career opportunities, but it also was a fun platform for students to gain important information regarding the wide variety of careers.

How does Galaxy impact elementary students?

What would you like others to know about Galaxy?

Galaxy is a great tool for students to use to begin exploring all the career possibilities. It exposes students to all career fields so students can begin exploring the future at an early age.