As students return to the classroom, educators and administrators are busy preparing to make this the best year yet and our team is here to help. You can set students up for success this school year by introducing career planning and exploration early with Kuder Navigator® to guide their choices in course planning, postsecondary preparation, and more.

To start your school year off on the right foot, here are key steps to take for back-to-school. Access our full back-to-school checklist here.


1. Determine Your Goals and Desired Outcomes for the Year

By identifying and aligning your goals for the school year with state and/or school district requirements, you can create your task list to stay on track throughout the year. 

Track progress against your unique goals and requirements using the new admin experience for Kuder Navigator. The platform provides educators with streamlined reporting, the ability to check in on custom student groups, and more. Join an upcoming webinar to see all of these features firsthand! Recordings are also available by request. 

Another key feature of Navigator is the system’s customizable Grad Plans to support and track student progress against requirements for graduation. As you start the school year, we suggest reviewing your current items listed within Grad Plan and adjusting if necessary so students are crossing off tasks required for their grade level that ladder up to bigger graduation goals.

2. Review Your System Settings

Summer can bring a lot of change for students and staff in a district. Double check your administrator access, student account configuration, and courses to ensure a smooth transition into the school year. 


3. Plan Activities to Get Your Students Excited About Career Path Planning

A few avenues to allow for hands-on career exploration include the following: 

You can access a full guide on which activities to complete at each grade level within our detailed curriculum guide.

4. Engage Families by Providing Access and Information on the Tools Available to Their Students

Educators are encouraged to utilize our Awareness Kit for parent and guardian communication resources and tools throughout the school year. This kit is designed to help you introduce the many college and career readiness tools that are provided at no extra charge to your students through Navigator. We also recommend communicating with families on your expected outcomes from students by the end of the school year to help keep students accountable for any take-home assignments. 


5. Stay Connected with The Kuder Team

You can stay in-the-know with updates from Kuder on career guidance essentials to empower you this school year by bookmarking the following resources: 

If you aren’t already receiving our regular communications, make sure to submit your subscription preferences to receive the latest news on what’s happening here at Kuder!