You know career planning shouldn’t be boring.

No matter the educational setting or learning environment in which you teach – from the traditional classroom, to online, to home school – we want to hear from you! Inspire others with your unique or creative approach to making career planning fun for students.

Is it a career-themed family tree project that gets your students excited to plan for the future? How about mock interviews and workplace etiquette through role-playing? Do you invite a series of guest speakers to share their career paths with students? Perhaps bingo or crosswords serve as great conversation starters in your classroom.

Share your Kuder Best Practice with other teachers and school counselors by putting together a few pages from your career-focused unit study playbook. Consider including your lesson plans, worksheets, interactive games, hands-on activities, ideas for field trips, etc.

Submit a Best Practice today.

Your Kuder Best Practice will provide our readers with insights, advice, and ideas. Not sure where to start? Draw on your experience and knowledge with integrating a Kuder product or service in your classroom to support students’ career awareness, exploration, planning, and/or readiness.​Questions? Email