Phil Harrington, Kuder’s Chairman, and CEO was interviewed by WorkingNation, a non-profit media and journalism organization focused on telling powerful stories about workforce issues in real-time.

In the article “Interest, Skills, and Work Value Shapes Career Choices,” Harrington expands on why he founded Kuder based on three key questions:

  1. How do we do a better job of helping students transition from middle school to high school?
  2. How do we help more kids transition from high school to postsecondary, whatever that is?
  3. How do we help people find passionate success in their world of work?

The answers to these questions have greatly influenced Kuder’s best-in-class career assessments, and how they shape postsecondary pathways for students. These three research-based assessments include:

Assessments are an integral part of Kuder’s college and career readiness platform as their value is predicated by 80+ years’ worth of research that continually proves their high reliability and validity in a world where career guidance is ever-changing. Harrington also discusses introducing youth to career options at an early age, two-year college options or trade schools, and practical examples on how students can align their personal values with those of potential employers.

Harrington reiterates the proven success of Kuder’s approach by detailing the success of Florida and how 90% of Floridian youth have used Kuder in some capacity during the past three years. He further describes how Kuder solutions garner greater student engagement, which is critical when helping to shape the future of students.

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