ADEL, IOWA – 11-28-2023 – Kuder, Inc. (Kuder) is pleased to announce it was selected by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education (CareerTech) in collaboration with the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) to engage students, schools, and businesses across the state in work-based learning (WBL) and job alignment.

Kuder’s custom career readiness platform for all Oklahomans (K-Adult), the OKCareerGuide, will accelerate more robust interactions and participation in WBL and job skills development. CareerTech and OSDE saw Kuder’s employer engagement toolset, Connect 2 Business (C2B), as an ideal fit to accomplish their objectives.

“We value our partnerships in Oklahoma and were thrilled when CareerTech with OSDE reached out regarding their WBL and career placement initiatives,” said Connor Harrington, Kuder’s Chief Executive Officer. “When learning about the capabilities they were looking to achieve with the OKCareerGuide, it was clear that C2B will meet Oklahoma’s needs.”

Like many states, Oklahoma is putting a focus on WBL to help individuals effectively prepare for the future while developing a skilled workforce for the state. C2B supports educators in partnering with businesses and scheduling WBL opportunities for their students and adult learners. Individuals will explore and request opportunities – such as job shadowing, internships, and apprenticeships – that match their career interests and goals. The configurable pre- and post-opportunity tasks and reporting tools facilitate tracking progress and fulfilling graduation requirements.

“Kuder’s responsiveness and commitment to ensuring we’re supported for WBL completion and ICAP reporting has been outstanding,” said Brent Haken, CareerTech State Director. “Working in partnership with OSDE, C2B will expand WBL in the state and strengthen education and business partnerships.”

“Kuder has consistently delivered high quality products and services that are tailored to the state of Oklahoma,” said Shawna Nord, Counseling and Career Development Manager, CareerTech. “With the exceptional work they’ve accomplished for us, it was logical for them to support Oklahoma’s career planning initiatives within one complete system for the state, the OKCareerGuide.

See the official press release here.