Kuder continues to expand globally as the leader in psychometrics and psychological testing in Singapore. We are thrilled to learn students all over the world continue to reap the benefits of our assessments.

The Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) is the sixth autonomous university in Singapore. It was established in 2017 and focused on applied degree programs, primarily in social sciences. This institution offers more than 80 undergraduate and graduate programs available to students in full and part-time study capacities. These courses are flexible, modular, and inter-disciplinary to fully cater to both post-graduate and adult learners.

The Singapore University of Social Sciences also offers a broad range of continuing education and modular training courses for the professional skills upgrading of Singapore’s workforce. SUSS has been conducting these sessions for the past three years, teaching psychometric and psychological testing courses. These courses were designed for college students, college graduates, and adults looking to continue their education or seeking a career change.

The Connection to Kuder

Joyce Tham of Kuder Visions Unlimited, LLC was asked to speak at the Singapore University of Social Sciences on psychometrics and how this science of measuring mental capacities and processes is included within many Kuder products and services.

Since 2018, Joyce has served as Kuder’s Client Relations Manager for our Singapore nation-wide project sponsored by the Ministry of Education and MySkillsFuture Singapore. MySkillsFuture is an all-in-one online portal featuring highly customized versions of Kuder Navigator® and Kuder Journey®. In 2016, Kuder supported a valid adaptation of the Kuder Career Interest Assessment for Singapore upon receiving a contract by the Ministry of Education and Workforce Development Agency (SkillsFuture Singapore – SSG). Kuder ensured the localized and adapted version was made available to all Singaporeans aged 13 and above on a portal renamed as MySkillsFuture.

Miss Huang, a lecturer at SUSS, contacted Joyce to be a guest lecturer to teach a session using the “Psychometrics and Psychological Testing” module used in Singapore. Joyce happily responded by training Miss Huang on the inner workings of the Kuder system so that she could share these important concepts with her students. Miss Huang then presented the students with a high-level overview of the process and testing tools used to ensure the validity and reliability of the questions within the assessment presented. Thus, through Joyce’s influence, Kuder has held a successful 3-year partnership with SUSS.

Course Overview

The psychometric and psychological testing course aims to equip students with the foundational knowledge and practical skills for analyzing and interpreting psychometric concepts and testing results. The course focuses on the following areas:

  1. The paradigms in psychological testing and research and data convergence.
  2. The principles of reliability and validity, validation strategies, factor analyses, and test fairness analyses.
  3. The various forms of assessment; ability, personality, neuropsychological, medical, employment, and forensic.

Session Success

After a week of preparation with Miss Huang, the students were eager to learn about career readiness and best-tailored careers to their talents. Prompted by the facilitator, Joyce Tham, the students logged into the MySkillsFuture portal to complete three Kuder assessments. The students were directed to independently explore the tools of the module and come prepared to class with a deeper understanding of what implementations occurred behind the adaptation of these assessments. For the evaluations to be made available on the portal for Singaporeans, the scores of the examinations must be highly dependable, reliable, valid, and relative to the Holland domain.

The Holland Theory centered on the idea that most people resemble a combination of six personality types: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional. These Holland personality types help individuals narrow down their career interests based on their personality matches. The students found the self-assessment tools that related to the Holland theory incredibly engaging- and were particularly drawn to this section because it gave them a sense of confidence towards a fulfilling career path.

MySkillsFuture Helps Singaporean Students Prosper

MySkillsFuture has provided Singaporeans with both online and offline access to information about academic and career-related skills, as well as job training. The purpose of this program is to help students actively obtain and strengthen their acquired skills, apply them, and successfully plan their careers.

“I have had the pleasure of inviting Joyce in the last three years to share with the students the process of localizing Kuder Career Interest Inventory, as well as how to use the profile to help them in their career exploration.

From her engaging sharing, students gained valuable insight into how the theoretical concepts of the Holland Theory are relevant in the real world. In addition, such sessions are helpful as they help students learn how to evaluate the psychometric properties of instruments and appreciate the importance of psychological testing.

Thank you, Joyce, for your time and effort – you have made a positive impact on the students!”

Huang Jia Hui, Lecturer, SUSS

At Kuder, we are so honored to learn that the results of our programs have been successful in enhancing the lives of students and educators across Singapore. We take pride in our efforts to assist others on a global scale with their career planning goals by providing evidence-based tools and assessments to support the development of skills that are transferable in all parts of the world.

We hope to continue these efforts in Singapore and other areas of the world for many years to come. Here at Kuder, we are exceedingly grateful for our partners and associates who help make these achievements possible across the globe.