NC career and technical education director calls the Kuder system “a place for students to go to be future-ready, no matter their path.”

Kuder is featured in a SmartBrief Education Originals article by Chris Bailey, a career and technical education director in Jacksonville, NC. Bailey’s district, Onslow County Schools, partners with Kuder to power the Ready, Set, Onslow College and Career Planning System for its students in grades 6-12.

The article provides an overview of Onslow’s approach to CTE. The Onslow CTE department employs 108 educators who teach more than 150 courses spanning 14 career cluster areas. Onslow’s CTE draws nearly 10,000 students representing a wide range of academic achievement levels, interests, and post-high-school ambitions.

According to Bailey, students enrolled in Onslow’s CTE program include those on a high-school-to-workforce trajectory as well as the “non-traditional” high-achievers on a four-year-college track. Bailey said he attributes this to the fact that Onslow’s CTE programs are preparing students for high-demand, high-wage careers through a combination of advanced training, skill development, and effective career guidance interventions such as the district’s Kuder-powered system.

Educators say it’s important for students to identify and pursue their unique career interests.

Bailey explained that Onslow’s Kuder-powered system is “set up to help students making choices – so choices aren’t made for them.” He emphasized that students’ choices should be based on their measured interests.

Bailey’s article includes insights from Michael Elder, who serves as college and career readiness director for Onslow County Schools. Elder spoke about the fundamental role that the interests assessment plays in supporting Onslow students’ career development: “Interests, as opposed to achievement, are invisible,” he said. “I can’t look at your end-of-grade test in science and, based on performance, gauge whether you’re interested in science. I can only see if you were good (or bad) at it on that day. An interests assessment brings that insight. There’s been pushback against encouraging students to pursue passion-based careers. But we all know that if you don’t care about what you’re doing, you won’t perform it at the same level. Passion has to be a part of the equation.”

Kuder is proud to power the Onslow system.

“We’re proud to partner with Onslow County Schools to ensure students are career-ready, and that they understand all the options available to reach their career goals,” said Bethney Ahrendsen, Chief Success Officer for Kuder. “It’s impressive that Onslow leverages our system to not only help students identify career interests, but to develop four-year high school course plans aligned with those interests, and to explore all of the options available to them after high school,” she said.

“Onslow’s students are also building resumes and creating and sharing electronic portfolios in the Ready, Set, Onslow College and Career Planning System,” said Stephanie Schroeder, who serves as Kuder’s client engagement manager. “What’s more, the district opted to expand the system with tools to help students manage their college applications, find colleges that best fit their academic and career goals, and prepare for college entrance exams,” she said. “We applaud the district’s commitment to supporting students’ long-term career development in such a significant way.”

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