Kuder continually strives to deliver equitable career guidance solutions that adhere to the highest standards across every system feature from our career assessments to elementary career exploration activities. Our objective to meet modern standards for exemplary accessibility, usability, and navigation by all users is no different. 

The Importance of CCR System Accessibility 

Kuder Navigator was originally recognized for its digital accessibility and conformance to rigorous quality assurance in September of 2022, though our team has certainly not stopped looking for new ways to improve our college and career readiness platforms since then. We view accessibility as an essential part of our products to ensure they address the unique needs of every user and empower them throughout their personal career planning process. 

In the Fall of 2021, we partnered with Allyant Enterprises, LLC (formerly A360) to conduct an initial live-user assessment of Navigator by individuals with disabilities who required assistive technology as well as automated digital testing tools. The comprehensive assessment was able to identify any existing accessibility gaps within Navigator that were subsequently addressed by our Product Development team to immediately deliver enhanced system functionalities to current users until each and every item was resolved.  

At the conclusion of this process, Allyant’s testing team officially declared that Navigator had achieved the following quality assurance standards: 

“This achievement is a celebration for our entire organization. After many months of hard work from our team, we are proud to offer an even better, more user-friendly product to the students and educators that we serve.” 

-Tomm Scaife, Kuder Director of Product Management 

About Allyant Enterprises, LLC 

Allyant Enterprises, LLC is an Accessibility Solutions Company that specializes in digital accessibility auditing, testing, consulting and training for a diverse range of organizations across many industries.