Ignite the spark of career exploration in your elementary students! With the right tools and strategies, you can lead your students through an exciting journey of self-discovery and early career exploration. In this guide, we’ll explore best practices for implementing Kuder Galaxy® with elementary students in your school, providing them with a platform to discover their interests and potential career paths.

Getting Started with Galaxy

Before diving into the suggested activities below, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the Galaxy platform. Each planet offers a variety of videos tailored to different grade levels, providing valuable insights into various careers and industries. Access the videos through your educator portal, navigate to student views, and select the appropriate grade level and planet for your session.

Activity 1: Watching and Reflecting

Begin your session by watching a selected video as a group. Pause the video periodically to engage students in discussions about what they see and hear. Encourage students to take note of any new words they encounter, fostering vocabulary development alongside career exploration. Utilize a structured approach to introduce and reinforce new vocabulary, ensuring comprehension and retention among students.

Activity 2: Promoting Reflection and Discussion

Following the video viewing, prompt students with reflective questions to deepen their understanding and critical thinking skills. Encourage small group discussions where students can share their observations and insights. Explore topics such as tools used in different professions, attire and safety gear, teamwork dynamics, and environmental sounds captured in the video. These discussions provide opportunities for students to expand their awareness of various career fields and the skills required within them.

Activity 3: Empowering Student Expression

Empower students to articulate their thoughts and aspirations through “I” statements. Review a series of statements related to career exploration and invite students to share their responses. Encourage active participation by selecting students to respond to each statement, fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment. By expressing their thoughts and ideas, students gain confidence in discussing their career interests and goals.

Suggested Activity: Independent Exploration

Conclude the session by encouraging students to embark on independent Galaxy exploration. Provide students with the opportunity to navigate the platform at their own pace, either individually or in pairs. This independent exploration allows students to delve deeper into areas of interest, furthering their engagement with career exploration beyond the classroom setting.

By incorporating these strategies and activities, educators can effectively utilize Kuder Galaxy to guide elementary students through early career exploration. Through interactive video sessions, reflective discussions, and independent exploration, students can discover a world of possibilities and begin envisioning their future career paths. Start your journey with Galaxy today and inspire the next generation of aspiring professionals!