Streamline your college and career planning processes with these three key reports, which offer actionable insights to manage career readiness activities with your students.

Education Plan Progress

The basis of career readiness is having a plan for the future, which is why many districts require students to complete multi-year education plans and submit them to counselors for review. Being able to pull an Education Plan report that provides a real-time snapshot of how your entire student population is progressing allows you to take these key actions:

For districts already using Kuder Navigator, Education Plan reports can be pulled by following these steps.

Graduation Plan Advancement

In order to track student progress against district and/or state requirements, it is critical to keep close tabs on how students in each grade are advancing through required college and career readiness tasks. Common grade-specific activities to report on include:

One key insight shared by Michael Jensen, former high school counselor at Shakopee School District, on how to maximize impact with the Graduation Plan reports is,

“Reviewing graduation plan progress by specific tasks, such as if students have completed a college application or not, is a great resource for counselors to be able to proactively step in and have those important one-on-one conversations with students who may still be deciding which postsecondary path is right for them. I’ve found that this can be an especially critical time to review these options with potential first-generation college students what resources are available to them if that is the path they want to take.”

Kuder partners can create custom graduation plan cards by grade level and input tasks aligned with their state requirements. Review your graduation plan activities and add new tasks by following this helpful guide.

Career Assessment Results

Reviewing students’ assessment results to view overall interest trends and work values can enable you to provide tailored resources to the student cohorts. Actions we’ve seen counselors take based on assessment result trends include:

School districts that partner with Kuder empower students to take our three research-backed assessments to gain a wholistic understanding of career paths that align with their personal interests, skills, and work values. Learn how to pull assessment results from your Kuder Navigator admin experience.

If your school district is looking for a comprehensive college and career readiness solution to guide your K-12 students and enable you to easily meet state CCR requirements, get in touch with us today.

About the Authors

Sarah Wilson is a marketing professional that enjoys helping others find their purpose through the power of work. Sarah initially took the Kuder assessments throughout 6-12th grade and has stayed true to her recommended career pathways. She joined the Kuder team in 2014 and has since returned to continue sharing the importance of our CCR solutions with others.

Michael Jensen holds over 25 years of experience as a lead school counselor from a large suburban public school district (Shakopee HS) in Minnesota. Michael’s passion is positively impacting students and educators. Since his years working directly with students, he has stayed involved in education by sharing his experiences with other teachers and counselors in his role with Kuder as an Account Executive, empowering them with comprehensive college and career readiness solutions.