In Talladega, Alabama, challenges often loom overhead for students worried about what life after high school holds for them. The dedicated Career Coach for the Talladega City School System, Leslie Alexander, Ed.S made it her mission to ensure her students defy those odds. One student stood out to her this year — a young man who had faced personal hardships and was on a troubling road despite his potential.

Leslie, armed with her 28 years of service in Alabama education, assumed the role of mentor and motivator. Taking on a nurturing yet assertive approach, she guided the student to explore what his future had to offer. She became a driving force behind his decision to improve academically, spurred by his girlfriend’s insistence that he get his act together. Leslie introduced him to test prep tools within Kuder Navigator, armed with determination.

Relentless dedication led to a remarkable achievement — the young man’s ACT scores surged by four points after completing the ACT study courses available in Navigator.  Notably, he outscored his girlfriend, proving to himself and others that he could indeed transform his academic standing. Fueled by this newfound confidence, the student’s future goals shifted towards the possibility of college, a previously unexplored path.

Realizing the untapped potential of Kuder Navigator, Leslie encouraged him to delve deeper into the career planning platform’s resources. The young man then embarked on a journey that would redefine his future. Taking practice ASVAB tests, he excelled in the areas he had diligently prepared for, unlocking the opportunity to choose any job in the Army and be highly sought after by recruiters.

The turning point came when he set his sights on becoming a Geospatial Engineer in the Army. Now committed to serving full-time in the army with the highest security clearance, his self-esteem soared, and he carried himself with the confidence of a soldier. Leslie attributes this transformation to the combined impact of Kuder Navigator’s tools and her unwavering belief in the student’s potential.


“After all these years of teaching, I finally have a tool with everything that my students need in-hand to get information they’ve never had access to before.” – Leslie Alexander


As a result of seeing this young man’s future be changed before her eyes, she took it upon herself to learn more and more about the tools in the Alabama Career Planning System provided to all Alabama students by the Alabama State Department of Education. She began integrating additional tools from the college and career readiness platform into daily student activities, ranging from building and updating resumes to navigating complex processes like FAFSA applications. Leslie now ensures all her students have access to a wealth of information and opportunities to help them succeed.

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