Work-Based Learning Tools

Connecting Career Exploration & Local Opportunities

Work-Based Learning Tools

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Fulfill the key elements of work-based learning within your district by utilizing Kuder’s array of career exploration solutions paired with providing students on-the-job opportunities that reinforce classroom learning.

Building Better Opportunities for Students

Improve Awareness & Alignment

Accurately match students to offerings in your community based on their personal interests, skills, and work values.

Promote Impactful Experiences

Help students bridge the gap by building new skills among a network of local businesses looking to train them.

Practice & Plan for a Career

Provide step-by-step guidance in creating a portfolio, resumes, and cover letters to support students during the job search process.

We swear by and use Kuder Navigator in the School-to Work program. Navigator is an important and integral part of our district's preparation of students for college and future careers.
Mindi Heitland
School-to-Work Program Coordinator
Waukee Community School District

Helping Educators Track Student Progress

Easily monitor and report on work-based learning activity completion rates using our flexible framework that allows administrators to implement their own customized checklist.

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Connect 2 Business

Engage local employers looking to mentor future members of their local workforce by listing their current offerings within our robust database of internships, apprenticeships, and job shadow opportunities. 

How We Drive Economic Success

Oklahoma Partner Success Spotlight

Bridge classroom concepts and workplace environments in your community with proven work-based learning solutions.

Research-Based Solutions

of users transitioned to postsecondary education
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Additional Career Readiness Features

Help prepare your students for today’s workforce with our complete set of work-based learning tools and resources.

  • Job Search Database
  • Interview Tips & Best Practices
  • Lifelong Career Portfolio Access
  • Business Profiles
  • Resume Builder
  • Local Work Experiences
  • Cover Letter Examples
  • Document Database for Certifications
  • Note Taker for Experience Reflections
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