Career Portfolio

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Curate Comprehensive Student Portfolios

Students are enabled to create their own portfolio highlighting personal achievements and talents to share with prospective employers or college admissions teams.  

Features of the Career Portfolio for Students

Improved Accessibility 

Every student within your school district has lifelong access to their digital portfolio to bridge the technology gap that many students still face today. 

Visibility for Educators

Counselors can easily review and access during college and career readiness discussions and for state CCR and CTE reporting requirements.

Custom Configuration

Students can personalize their online portfolio to reflect their interests and include documents created through their college and career readiness preparation. 

Key Components of the Career Porfolio

Student portfolios may include key details and documents, such as:

  • A Robust Resume
  • Contact Information
  • Employment References
  • Writing or Artwork Samples
  • Career Assessment Results
  • Earned Certifications
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Cover Letters

Clear, Credible CCR Outcomes

of users transitioned to postsecondary education
students say Kuder gives them hope for the future
4 in 5
users feel Kuder accurately identified their interests
Backed by Research

Essential Criteria for College and Career Readiness Programming

Career guidance through the Kuder Career Planning System is important because it helps students connect their studies to what they could do in the future. Kuder has given my son a sense of purpose and confidence. I can see that because of Kuder, he is already excited about his future career.
Ninyetegeka Kato
Parent & PTO Chair
Lycee de Kigali Secondary School in Kigali, Rwanda
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